Is This For You?

Are you seeking innovative ways to promote a sense of community and teamwork among your employees, meeting attendees or friends? You've come to the right place. Sit back and allow Projects With Purpose to create an event tailored to your interests, time allotment and number of participants. Need even more reasons?


Join the VolunTourism Revolution

  • The concept of VolunTourism, or combining a trip with service work is spreading rapidly throughout the United States.
  • There simply is no better way to see a community and leave a positive impact on the city you plan to visit.
  • Projects With Purpose coordinates events countrywide, taking care of every detail from start to finish.


Create a Culture of Social Responsibility

  • Build ongoing programs that support the company’s goals, provide lasting contributions to a community, and build pride and team spirit among employees. 
  • Building a culture of volunteering for companies and businesses also lends valuable support to non profit organizations that struggle to meet demand for their services. 
  • Our “social responsibility” campaigns have been centered around individual causes, multiple non profit organizations, or combinations that give the company a positive reputation of service within their communities. 
  • The programs we design can be single, monthly or quarterly events.


Leave Your Mark

  • Come away from your project with the sense of pride that comes from creating a lasting contribution.
  • Volunteers often return home to create similar projects that give support to organizations in their own towns.
  • Our corporate clients project positive images for their company in their communities and provide a platform for employees to build stronger teams, and provide specialized help, all while developing a sense of pride for their work and their employer. 
  • Service projects allow people to bond with programs that help where needed and give lasting results in cities and towns across the country.


The Opportunities are Endless

  • Wherever a need goes unfulfilled, Projects With Purpose can match volunteers to activities that truly serve a purpose.
  • We have created Volunteer Events for groups in the areas of education, home building and renovation, general clean up, art projects, landscaping and beautification, and projects based on our client’s special interests.
  • Our mission begins with your readiness to make a difference, boost morale, build a cooperative team and leave your mark on a community. Are you ready?