Baptist Health La Grange in Louisville is taking strides to improve the eating habits of its patients. Ranking #1 in nutritional disorders compared to other hospitals in its geographic area, Baptist Health La Grange is in a unique position to take the lead in providing excellent care while addressing the root causes of diet related illnesses. The solution? Genesis Garden, the first of many planned community gardens at their facilities around Kentuckiana.


Cultivating change in eating habits is an important part of health, especially for populations at-risk or diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Heavily processed foods replace fresh fruits and vegetables in many diets. Some of the identified barriers to healthy eating habits are accessibility, knowledge of how to use the product and the cost of fresh food.



Development and sustenance of the Genesis Garden is dependent upon volunteers, individuals and groups, as well as grants and other financial support contributions. There is a lot to be done. If you live/work in the Lousville area or are planning a meeting there soon, contact Projects With Purpose to facilitate. 

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